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Krishnaa drives, an ISO 9001-2015 company established in 2005, is one of leading manufacturers of squirrel cage induction Motors. The Motors are compact, reliable and robust, suitable for various applications. Through the use of advanced engineering techniques and meterials, KRISHNAA DRIVES meets the exact requirements of industries to achieve higher performance and more relibility.


  • Performance as per IS 12615 & IS 7538 (for 3 phase motors) and IS 996 (for single phase motors)
  • Asynchronous AC
  • Voltage 240-415
  • Single Phase and three phase Winding
  • Frequency 50/60Hz (Non standard voltage and frequency on request)
  • Squirrel cage rotor
  • Insulation Class B/F/H
  • Dimension of three phase foot mounted motors as per IS 1231, Flange mounted motors as per IS 2223.



These motors are available in various types of construction such as horizontal and vertical mounted as per IS 2253


  • Casting for body frame, end shield, bearing shield etc., are made out of quality graded grey iron casting which assures a fairly long years of utility. shafts are made out of EN-8 and stainless steel. They are maintain accurate dimensions. Rotors are pressure die cast and dynamically balanced. Stator core pack is built from low loss electrical grade steel laminations.
  • The stator winding consists of modified polyster base insulated copper wire to give high conductivity and vacuum impregnated with synthetic resins to attain high die electrical properties. Windings are tested on surge comparison tester.
  • The body has been provided with greater number of parallel ribs to ensure ruggedness and better heat dissipation.
  • Terminal box rotation in steps of 90 through 360 for desired direction of cable entries. All terminal boxes are designed for maximum space for ease of connection.
  • High efficiency & power factor.
  • Pressure die cast aluminium body for frames 63 to 100 also avilable.
  • All motors are painted with rust proof expoxy paint.
  • Excellent after sales services to keep your krishnaa drives electric motors in peak condition.


  • Ring frame motors ring frames motors
  • Doubler motors
  • Blower room motors
  • Speed room motors
  • Speed frame motors
  • Ginning motors
  • Draw frame (dual speed)
  • Motors with brake
  • Loom motors
  • Carding motors
  • Cone winding motors (s4-duty)
  • Reeling motors
  • Opening roller motors (2.2 kw, 3kw/4pole).


  • Energy efficient motors dual speed motors / multi speed motors
  • Special duty motors
  • Brake motors with electromagnetic
  • Brake and pneumatic brake
  • Geared motors with brake mounting
  • Crane duty motors
  • Cooling tower motors
  • Motors for inverter applications
  • Low voltage and high voltage motors
  • Torque motors
  • Vibratory motors
  • Coolant pumps


Each motor is individually tested at every stege and undergoes strict quality control as relevant bureau of indian standards.